"...the fact that listeners are never quite sure where each track will take them - to which era, to which part of the world - they will be transported makes 'The Memoirs of An Outlaw' a wonderful listen, and Abigail Hopkins a captivating and intriguing musician" - ROCK 'N' REEL

"Dark and sinister, captivating as a cobra, this is the album that sees Abigail Hopkins deliver her promissory notes" - FATEA

"This is a truly extraordinary album and perhaps one that sees Abigail Hopkins truly establish herself as a serious musician" - BLUESBUNNY - ALBUM OF THE MONTH

"If you are looking for music that takes it to the edge, lyrics that you are not going to hear on mainstream radio and vocals that will leave you on the edge of your seat for all the right reasons then make 'The Memoirs of An Outlaw' the next CD you buy it's scary, it's beautiful, it's real" PENNY BLACK

"'The Memoirs of An Outlaw' is scarily good, outrageously different yet cultishly commercial quite brilliant!" - TOXIC PETE

"A sparkling album with superb tracks, every one of which is a little treasure" - GREAT YARMOUTH ADVERTISER

"Gothic, dark and dramatic" - COUNTY TIMES


"Lush folkisms…imagine Joni Mitchell with Carly Thomas' range" - SUBBA CULTURE

"'Set Them Free' is full of atmospheric electronic beats and gentle vocals - a bit like listening to Imogene Heap on Mogadon" - TASTY FANZINE

"'Set Them Free' is fantastic, very easy to listen to, remarkably relaxing and freakily danceable" - TOXIC PETE



"Abigail Hopkins returns with a second album of moody, bluesy jazz. It's a smoky and atmospheric listen made richer by her lovely voice" - DAILY EXPRESS

"Her breathy jazz-noir vocals appear haunting on many of the songs" - POP COLUMN

"Evocative dark and poetic pleasures in these hillsides" - NET RHYTHMS

 "Abigail Hopkins is fast becoming a name to watch in musical terms delivers up a mix of edgy alt-jazz, sometimes unearthly, sometimes sassy with a confidence worthy of her classically trained voice. Think Clannad go gutsy, or a happier Tori Amos edged with a witchy dissonance and clear sure harmonies" - SUBBA CULTURE

"Her second album successfully builds on the success of her first 'Smile Road' by increasing the focus on her spine-chilling smoky vocals" - MUSICIAN'S UNION MAGAZINE

"'Blue Satin Alley' as lush and mysterious as it's title" - AMERICAN CHRONICLE

"'Blue Satin Alley' is an atmospheric masterpiece of mist rising from the sea and rain tapping down in autumn" - BENT MAGAZINE

"On 'Blue Satin Alley', Abigail Hopkins has poured her passion, power and imagination and it bears repeating intelligence and pushes the boundaries to breaking point. If you though Bjork lived in the left-field of music, as the man said: 'You ain't heard nothing yet'" - BERWICK NEWS

"Blue Satin Alley is a smooth, intricate collection of acoustic folk/pop compositions... Beautiful stuff... (Rating: 5+)" - BABYSUE

"...a massive head-on collision between Kate Bush, Tom Waits and Tim Buckley with the tangled, mis-shaped parts having been carefully and sympathetically re-assembled by the creative genius of Syd Barrett" - TOXIC PETE

"'Blue Satin Alley' is an album of depth and heft. Not an album for a sunny day at the beach, but it might just be the right one for those dark midnights when you need to ponder weak and weary" - BUDDY HOLLYWOOD


"'Smile Road' is a striking mix of smoky jazz, strings, brass and gentle beats" - THE TIMES

"this intense collection of musical atmospheres simultaneously wrap their warmth around you and send a shiver down your spine" - BULLIT MAGAZINE

"Intriguingly alternative jazz discovery" - BILLBOARD 

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