Music Biography

Abigail fell in love with playing the classical guitar at the tender age of seven.

She began her working life as an actress, a career she still maintains, along with being an acting coach and occasional theatre director. She has appeared in the films Shadowlands, Remains of The Day, A Few Selected Exits, the docu-drama Elizabeth and recently starred in Homogeminus, a Polish psychological thriller, for which she also provided the music, as well as playing a variety of roles in theatre.  

She recorded her debut album, Smile Road in 2003 which was described by the press as “spine-tingling”, “intriguingly alternative jazz” and a “warped and trippy debut.” It was a heady and confusing mix of jazz, folk, trip-hop and rock. Abigail then followed her debut up with the slightly softer jazz-focused album, Blue Satin Alley in 2006 although all the tracks still threatened to cross over into different genres and styles. In 2007 Abigail released a download EP called The Lighthouse Keeper, a theatrical, whimsical narrative dialogue between two men, a lonely lighthouse keeper and a desperate man who tries to drown himself, set to music.

In 2008, Abigail released her third album, The Memoirs of An Outlaw, on which she played all acoustic and electric guitars working with long-term collaborator John Winfield. It continued to attract favourable reviews, and pushed the musical boundaries even further, again refusing to be easily defined or categorised. It garnered such descriptions as “profoundly moving”, “truly disturbing,” “dark and sinister, captivating as a cobra” and “gothic, dark and dramatic” and was likened to the music of Bruce Springsteen, Alison Goldfrapp, Marianne Faithfull, and Nick Cave.

The thrill of making music for Abigail, is the sheer fascination with experimenting with sound, and weaving lyrics into a tapestry of sonic landscapes, often very left-field but always built on classical jazz, folk and rock foundations. Her songs range from ironic commentaries on love, often political observations, to stories that revolve around eccentric protagonists living in the margins and the shadows. With her theatrical background, Abigail believes a song is very much a story set to music, with both lyrics and melody playing equally important parts.

Abigail has played at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, the MALTA Festival in Poland, and for numerous BBC Live Acoustic sessions. She was invited as a special guest on BBC Woman’s Hour twice, and her combined single, I’ll Be Waiting For You by The Bus Stand/In the Name of Love, reached Number 32 in the Adult Alternative section of the Friday Morning Quarter Back charts in the USA, reaching simultaneously Number 1 as the Most Frequently Added Song on its first day of release on air.

Abigail is putting the finishing touches on her 4th album/5th recording, “Remembrance” produced from her home studios in New York and London. “Remembrance” is an intimate collection of songs, with plans to be released in the near future.  She travels as a singer-songwriter, actress and acting coach between the USA, England and Europe.